What are your thoughts on Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s controversy following backlash for shooting her own 14-month-old dog, Cricket, due to its aggressive behavior. Governor Kristi Noem has also been banned from all tribal lands in South Dakota. The governor has faced severe criticism after making inflammatory accusations that Native Americans were “personally benefiting” from the Mexican cartel drug trade. What do you think about the governor’s position? Do you think it is acceptable to shoot your own dog to put it down, or are there better ways to handle aggressive pets? Let’s talk about it…
Roy Cruz: “They have the means to safely secure and keep the dog happy ..even trained.. Jackasses.”

John Saint John: “It’s not the dog’s fault. I love dogs immensely. It should be the other way around.. Send the dog to me.”

Missy Roper Cashman: “Thank goodness other people see the hypocrisy and cruelty of this disgusting excuse for a human. Bravo for standing up to this puppy killer. She deserves to be treated with all the care she showed her poor Cricket. Hope she sees the bloody body every night before she goes to sleep.”

Gary Kloster: “She will sadly make the perfect VP for his Orange Juliusness!!!”

Linda Anne: “‘Those red caps should have the slogan ‘Make America stupid again’, I think.”

Patty Herbst: “Like her hero, she keeps putting her foot in her mouth.”

Sue Herzberg O’Grady: “Glad she’s banned for another reason. … Back to dogs. Treat them better. Here and there, and everywhere. Dogs on reservations. Treat them like family FFS.”

Russ Haidys: “Bless you Governor Bless you!!!!”

Carmen Salcido: “That woman needs serious help!”

Michael Mclauchlin: “QUIT voting for her South Dakota.”

Gentry Driver: “Now if we can just get the population not voting for these things…too many Natives from all reservations wear red hats…actually surprised me last election…Natives can be dumb too.”

Cindy Elle: “Good!! Puppy Killer!! Goat Killer. Gtfoh.”

Candise Hammond: “That’s because the drug cartels are really on the reservations, and the truth pisses people off! They just proved her right by banning her.”

Mark Hatch: “Great…another nut job.”

Jamie Pierce: “Puppy killer!”

Larry L. Cunningham: “Deplorable person! She treats people like she treats animals.”

Betty Lillies: “He will pick her for VP because she will look great served on a silver platter wearing GOLD sneakers.”

B.J. Erwin: “She’s not too bright, is she?”

Ernesto Delaloza: “The genocide continues.”

Jackie Sutterfield: “Take her to the gravel pit and tie her up and leave her there.”

Pat Pensyl: “I think it’s great they told her she’s now considered an illegal immigrant!”

Arlene Gilbert: “She is a very dangerous woman. Her kind is evil and looking for approval from dangerous people LIKE TRUMP! Insanity in our country and it’s like a wildfire. VOTE BLUE!”

Tacitus Killgore: “No, but she’s right about the cartel being on the reservation.”