Cece Nguyen is an artist and student from Clark High School. Their work is currently on view at Centro Cultural Aztlan’s latest exhibition, titled Chicano Arts Curriculum Project: Student Exhibition which opened last week.

San Antonio is a city with a rich Mexican-American and Chicano arts and cultural heritage. With Congressman Joaquin Castro’s help in securing funding for arts and education on San Antonio’s Westside, Centro Cultural Aztlan has worked with educators, artists, and historians to bring the richness of Chicano art and culture into K-12 arts curriculum. As a product of this project, young artists from across San Antonio have created artwork with inspiration from some of the most notable Chicano artists of San Antonio and beyond. Join us at this project’s culminating art exhibition, featuring shining examples of student artwork that has resulted from this Chicano Arts Curriculum Series.

The cover art photo caption:
“Quiet Day on Train Street.” by Cece Nguyen from Clark High School. Inspired by Ana Fernandez.