Is dating in 2023 a distinctive experience for people of all ages, rather than just older generations? Many argue that it is. Traditional acts of chivalry and old-fashioned manners seem to be less prevalent. Often, individuals opt to share expenses and responsibilities, and there’s a noticeable shift in traditional gender roles. It’s not uncommon to find men who appreciate being cared for, and women may not always conform to traditional expectations of ladylike behavior. Have you encountered these shifts in the dating landscape yourself? Let’s talk about it…

Gene A. Gomez: “Without a doubt 100%.”

Clayton Perry: “Some of us are still into chivalry.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “Facts! I was married 13 years, so the dating scene had changed. Dating apps are exhausting. Going out nowadays to meet anyone isn’t the same. I know what I want in a partner. I won’t settle for less. Single life isn’t bad!”

Alexander Steele: “Women don’t want to or know how to be a traditional housewife. It’s sad.”

Carey Calvert: “I don’t think dating is different.”

Charlene Smith: “Baby boomers are the first generation to experience high divorce rates, that means we have a lot of hurt people out there. However, hurt can be overcome, and I think it’s a human instinct to want to have companionship. The younger generations are not as social due to all the technology and less social in person situation’s. They, however, still want the idea of companionship. I believe chivalry is still alive although people may not practice it and I believe that young men look to older men as mentors as to what it means to be a man. Younger women look to older women as to what it means to be a woman, I think there’s still hope for love and companionship. Yes things are changing gender roles or different people may share expenses. I think that’s more because of the economic conditions rather than gender roles. Those who can afford it still offer to treat whether it be the man or the woman. I think there’s still hope for companionship and healthy relationships. Of course I am a dating coach, and I see some of the dynamics from both sides but overall I believe love conquers all and if you want more information on how to date better,online safety tips, and just general relationship dynamics, order my best selling book, ‘Senior seeking Soulmate’ on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.”

Edward Foster: “Ladies have to relinquish some control for males to be chivalrous.”

Roy Cruz: “I like old school.. take care of each other..”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Absolutely.”

Paul Budak: “I am staying quiet too since my judgment is not that great.”

Veronica Castro: “ Internet hook ups are easy. Serious relationships are not so easy.”

Stanced Polestar: “Women are just looking for entertainment most of the time… most women seem to only want to be “entertained” which is a mental illness in itself. I can’t tell you how many profiles I’ve seen that say ‘I want you to make me laugh’ or ‘please be funny,’ which is a HUGE red flag to any smart man who truly values himself. No woman should “need” a man to entertain them. Go watch Netflix if you want entertainment.”

Noah Johnson: “To be honest, it’s hopeless. I truly believe that women, in their 20s specifically, are completely hopeless. I am exactly what every woman says they are looking for. Guess how many responses I get from my matches: Zero. Something is seriously wrong with the egos of American women. Hundreds of people depend on my work for their survival. Meanwhile, I can’t get a single woman to treat me like I’m even worth a single “hello”. It’s my time they should be valuing, not the other way around.”

Jack Rainier: “Dating today can be a harsh reality for many people. One of the main truths about dating today is that it has become extremely superficial. It seems like people are no longer interested in getting to know someone on a deeper level and would rather judge them based on their appearance, social status, or how many followers they have on social media. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have made it even easier to swipe left or right based on a person’s profile picture.”

Gabrielle Cocucci: “I read somewhere that there was more availability to cheat because of social media. You see more attractive people than your partner all the time, people who are richer, more successful and quick and easy to communicate with. It makes you want them/easier to be enticed. I think people forget that you might have someone amazing right there if you put the time and effort in. And that beauty is not only skin deep. I don’t understand why people cheat in the first place-why not just break up and be with somebody else(maybe the thrill/like to hurt somebody? Revenge sometimes maybe?) Although I do believe there are people that will always cheat and people that will always be faithful. I think people don’t really take time to get to know the person anymore, and just really fall in love with who they are…every little thing about them. Ohhh and dancing-who stopped going out and romantic dancing, because I think it’s really something quite special.”