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Jazmine Puentes is a Xicanx artist born and raised in Southeast San Diego, California.

Her collection of personal work focuses on the internal development and complexities of self-transformation rooted from the obstacles in her life. She unwinds feelings of emotions by creating stories into illustrations and paintings that carry significant meaning with an exploration of vibrant colors. Her cultural beliefs inspire the creative process using different forms of symbolism from all nature and living species connecting to the human mind, body, and spirit. Depending on the subject of the piece she utilizes different species of animals, insects, and plants in her work to represent an overall important message.

When not working on personal projects she takes on the creative freedom to explore the influences of music, personal interests, and subjects of importance. She likes to experiment with an array of mediums to grow her skills and apply techniques to new bodies of work. Jazmine is still developing as an artist to go beyond greater lengths in following the roots that guide her to discovering what life has to offer through the practice of painting.

Her work will be on view at the Son de Allá y Son de Acá Exhibition, opening October 7.

The show is curated by Ricardo Islas, Rigoberto Luna, and Vicente Telles with support from Christian Ramírez, and in collaboration with Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center.

Son de Allá y Son de Acá unites over 40 Chicano/a/x and Latino/a/x artists across the Southwest in states along the US-Mexico border. This project seeks to amplify artists living and working in underrepresented and marginalized areas, bridge art communities, foster dialogue, and expand our cultural and historical understanding across state lines. Through a wide range of mediums, they reveal the impact of place in shaping the identity and practice of artists working in a region with deeply shared histories while uncovering the common threads and examining the similarities of parallel narratives, cultures, and heritage. Son de Allá y Son de Acá invites you to experience the vibrant artistry found in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas and feel the pulse of their communities.
Artist Statement About the Cover Art:

My niece is the inspiration behind this piece. She has changed me in ways I never thought I would feel or experience, and become a different person. There are no words that could express how much she has made an impact on me. So I wanted to create a painting pouring every emotion felt since her birth. She is asleep & dreaming while hummingbirds are welcoming her into the world. They represent the spirits of ancestors and loved ones always protecting her even from a different realm. The blanket was handmade by my ama’s aunt who had passed before my niece was born & felt it was important to honor her in my painting. I tend to create these dreamy landscapes to symbolize new beginnings or merging worlds together that remain connected. There’s more I plan to add but for now this is a preview of the process with an insight of what this painting is about.