Don Nuñez

Don Nuñez was born in Corpus Christi and raised in San Benito Texas. He holds a BA in Art from A&I Uni-versity, and has a mas-ter’s in Fine Arts from Texas A&M Kings-ville. Don studied bal-let folklórico at Bel-las Artes in Mexico City, where he was certified as a Maestro. He is a former dancer with the Royal Ballet Company in Cana-da, and spent time on Broadway in New York City with Ballet Folklórico de México.

Don later became an art and dance teacher for youth grades K-12 in schools and private studios. In 1998, Don help start the Ballet Folklórico program at the Edgewood ISD Fine Arts Academy, where he was devot-ed to his students for nearly 20 years. Now retired, he focuses his artwork on the rich cultura here in San Antonio and South Texas. Don continues to create art through installations, costume design, and set design.


An old man, a piñata maker, makes three piñatas the old-fashioned way. He uses a jarro, a traditional Mexican ceramic pot, that has been decorated with many layers of tissue paper. He carries the piñatas on a stick over his shoulder and on his elbow. He is dressed in a calavera outfit and wears a top hat decorated with feathers and marigolds as he journeys to celebrate his ancestors on Day of the Dead.