Francisco Cortés was born on the border between the rural states of Oaxaca and Veracruz in Southern Mexico. After migrating to Texas at an early age, Cortés made the Southside of San Antonio home, leaving to pursue Chicano Studies and Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Cortés is known for his photojournalistic storytelling: ranging from pensive moments, to civil unrest, to the experiences of immigrants in their alternating contexts. With film photography and darkroom printing techniques as his foundation, Cortés addresses his images with a minimalist approach, accentuating but not manipulating truths. He instructs young photographers of color through educational programs, such as: “Detrás del Lente” and his most recently established non-profit: “The Light Catchers Society.

The title of the cover is “David Alvarez shares his story, beaming with pride when discussing his future plans: San Antonio Cassiano Homes, Diptych 2021.”

Meet the artist at Centro de Artes Gallery on Thursday, October 26 at 6 p.m. for an Artist Talk, featuring exhibition curator Guillermina Zabala (San Antonio), photographers Francisco Cortes (San Antonio) and Verónica Cárdenas (McAllen) in conversation with Washington Post journalist Arelis R. Hernández. They will discuss the From SA to SA exhibition, their photojournalism practice and the power of documentary photography as a force for social change.

Exhibit on view through
December 30