President Donald Trump’s administration is ending. Trump himself keeps to the Oval Office, still fighting the Election Day results and offering scant acknowledgement of the death and suffering Americans are bearing in the darkest hours of the COVID-19 pandemic. What do you think? How did he do as a President? Let’s talk about it…

Sally Venner Rhodes: “Absolutely horrible! He’s going out the way he came in, without dignity and integrity!”

Monica Michelle Ramos: “In my opinion, I think that he might have done some good things but overall, and especially with the handling of the virus , he divided the country with his name calling and narcissistic behavior. I believe no president will be perfect to everyone but Trump’s behavior seems a bit childish to me. He lacks compassion and humility and kindness! We need more of that in this world!!!”

Kim Petree Eplee: “One of the best Presidents we’ve ever had. Maybe not next year, but eventually, history will reflect all the things he did for all Americans.”

Mario Rodriguez Sr.: “Best ever because he did all he promised.”

Biela RobnEliz : “On January 6th, 2021 a Contingent Election and dueling electors will change what seems to be a done deal for Biden. Quit depending on the liberal media and downloading cute gifs and remember your education in civics and government. Please do a little research and understand that January 6th is still pending the final decision.”

Jen JT Guerrero: “The best president in my lifetime. He may be rough around the edges, but candor don’t make a president, ACTIONS do.”

Jerry Kitchen: “Best president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan. The fact he’s gotten the world to look at our corrupt system will forever change the world.”

Juan Carrillo: “Did more for America in his 4 years in office than buffon Biden has done in 47.’”

Jeffrey Molina Jr.: “By far the most unfit and mentally challenged President in history. He was a literal walking conspiracy theorist.”

Jacob Martinez: “Failed. The working class did not benefit, he did. I got laid off cuz of the jerk off.”

Fernando Mojica: “Bad, he is one of our worst presidents ever. Nothing but lies after lies. No Bueno! Glad we got rid of this clown.”

Jill Laskowski: “Awesome, was the only president that kept all of his promises, and protected America. We are doomed for the next 4 years.”

Mike Miller-Sims: “I suppose it’s how you measure success. If the metrics examined include lying to the American public daily, protecting Russia, making his cronies wealthier, acting like a 4 year old, killing over 300,000 people because of his inability to manage a pandemic, and pardoning those who should clearly be in prison, then yeah…he’s clearly exceeded expectation. I cannot wait to see what the Southern District of New York has waiting for him on January 21!”

Joey Judith Rodriguez: “I love president Trump. He gave his heart for our country, he was challenged to get our country on track, plus getting the vaccine to help save our lives. Trump just made Biden’s life easier and he will never be credited.”

Amanda Cena: “I am saddened to my core to see how so many believe in him. We have never seen an administration behave in this manner. Firings, quitting left and right. And yet his supporters still believe in sending him money, I am sure it surpassed 200 million. Our country is not perfect by any means but I never thought I would witness all I have. It’s sad and shocking, because of his hate and evil he continues and so many are on board with it.”

Beverley McClure: “The most divisive, narcissistic, and destructive President who never earned my respect.”

Pam Canellis: “Great. He worked for the American people for free and donated his money to charities. He lowered unemployment and stopped Americans from being penalized and forced to pay fees for choosing not to have health coverage.”

Walter Papi Pabon: “Remember he loves people that are not educated…this was said during one of his illiterate speeches. His behavior is what brought out those dummies who felt that he is a real president. Those are the same people who would marry a family member.”

Robbie Esterline Jr.: “He is the best president we’ve ever had. He worked for us the people, but now we are gonna have to pay all of our hard earned paycheck to the government and to Joe Biden so he can become richer off of the people.”

Augusta Collins: “He can’t even answer the questions asked of him or deliver a speech in a Presidential manner.”

Barbara Porter: “He’s the best president we will ever have because the democrats have found a way to steal the votes now and forever!!!”


Mark Jay Diekman: “He’s going to look like an Angel when Biden is done with us.”

Raquel Martina Martinez: “He put America first and never took pay for it. He was a little rough around the edges but what you saw is what you got. Since he wasn’t a politician, he didn’t learn to play the shmooze game and he outed the press and the career politicians and they hated him for it.”

Christian Jett: “Worst, most corrupt president ever. He belongs in prison. All of the republicans in congress that have enabled him should be tried for treason.”