The Army on Tuesday said it had fired or suspended 14 officers and enlisted soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and ordered policy changes to address chronic leadership failures at the base that contributed to a widespread pattern of violence including murder, sexual assaults and harassment. The actions, taken by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, come in the aftermath of a year that saw 25 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood die due to suicide, homicide or accidents, including the bludgeoning death of Spc. Vanessa Guillén. Guillén was missing for about two months before her remains were found.Is this enough? Let’s talk about it…

Lou Carranza: “ That’s a start. I think we can be assured that there are way more issues that need to be addressed.”

Ernesto Guerrero: “Firings and reassignments as a way to control the damage done by a culture of violence against women. Where are the murder charges against an institution that has historically glorified white supremacy and violence against women and people of color?”
Joseph Espinosa: “How about being arrested and convicted? When that occurs, then we’ll see progress.”

Paul Martinez: “Notice how the media is quiet about this. The corporate media will not ever elevate any news that could galvanize Latinos. How about the media give some attention to this?”

Maria Flores Perez: “Ok you say fired! But then they get suspended, so what’s the real story?”

Jeff Agee-Aguayo: “This needs to go further with court martials. This is tantamount to negligent homicide.”

David Rivero: “But not prosecuted…”

Lissette Ocasio D’Abreu: “It’s about time!”

Ellie A. J’Rez: “They need to keep investigating and continue arresting the culprits and those who looked the other way.”

Delia Rey:”It’s not enough, all these offensives need to be prosecuted, not a slap on the hand. It smells of cover up.”

Oscar Fly Peña: “Fired? Not arrested?”

Doris Lo: “Justice needs to be served. We have not forgotten Vanessa or the other soldiers that went missing and found dead near that Fort Hood.”

Tammy Gonzales: “All those that were fired from Ft. Hood should’ve been arrested!!!! #Latino lives matter!!”

Susan Weaver: “I pray they get to the bottom of this for everyone’s sake. God, please step in and help them.”

Rosie M Aguirre: “My heart breaks for Vanessa’s family… I thank them for being insistent that Vanessa be found. Now we know that the Military did a terrible job in investigating her case. It’s so Sad it took so Long for her to be found.”

Diana Saenz: “Ft. Hood is nothing but an 8 month nightmare for me.”

Rosie Molina: “Hell yeah! Justice for Vanessa!”