This week, a stolen vehicle owner tracked the vehicle then killed the suspect In possession of the vehicle.The owners were able to track the vehicle by using an Apple Airtag that was in the truck when it was stolen. Do you think the owner was justified in his actions? Let’s talk about it..

Mark Alfaro: “Seems Like thieves value your property more than their own lives nowadays.”

Daquari Minier: “If more people did this I guarantee there would be a lot less cars stolen…or at least the thief might think twice…”

Matt Smith: “There has to be more to this story.. just going out and finding your property and killing the person that has it is a no for me.. however….. If I know that said person took it, and while I was retrieving said property the person came to me a “certain” way then absolutely I would obviously protect myself and my property.”

Mor Lu: “I would have done the same thing! If you steal, there’s no consequences. People are still going to do it. They don’t care; One less person we have to worry about! We all need to put Apple AirTags and all of our personal belongings so just in case it does get stolen we are able to track it! Give that owner of a stolen vehicle an award!”

Robert Vasquez: “A truck isn’t worth a life. That’s why we pay for car insurance. Vigilantes are no different than terrorist.”

Thomas Mc: “Of course it’s not justified. Sucks, your property was stolen but no one’s life was in immediate harm. All he had to do was call the police and tell them where the AirTag was. Police would have been there pretty quick, arrested the other person and the owner got the truck back. Now the truck owner is likely to be in jail for manslaughter and possible premeditated so good job being irrational.”

Patricia Lopez: “That’s what happens when you take something that isn’t yours.”

Michael Momo Chazz Martinez: “Dang. He better hope for a sympathetic grand jury or trial jury…”

Jordan Moonz: “Welcome to Texas Buddy Ol’ Thief. Where there’s more guns than books
And obviously if you want things done you must do it yourself.”

Skylar Ramos: “Good for them. More people learn about karma and consequences, maybe we won’t have so much dang crime.”

Raquel Millan: “Happened in SA a few years ago. They charged the driver with manslaughter.”

Ivan Rivas: “Give the owners their deserved credit. They did the city a favor.”

Jade Mendez: “I’d say this is good news on a cloudy day.”

Venessa Flores: “But yet my friend just got his truck stolen and SAPD let the suspect go.Nah , we gotta stop relying on SAPD to defend us, we’re finally learning to defend ourselves.”

Emily Moreno: “I don’t blame the owner to be honest, my new car I hadn’t even had a week, was stolen a few weeks ago, I had an AirTag as well and the only thing that stopped me from getting my car sooner was the fact that SAPD took hours to get to where my car was. I wanted to confront the people as well but SAPD makes more effort to blame the vehicle owners who are frustrated and annoyed especially when they know where and who took their car. My AirTag said it was in someone’s garage but SAPD didn’t bother to look or ask the people in the house. A few hours later my AirTag was moving and my car was found dumped and beat up and even then when I called saying I found my car they took around 40 minutes to get to the location it’s so frustrating they don’t take these more seriously especially now that so many vehicles are being taken.”

Sabrina Rae Rackley: “So if civilians think they saw a weapon it’s OK to shoot but if cops think they saw a weapon and shoot it’s not OK? I don’t think canceling culture is going to hop on that.”
Roger David Lew: “If the guy gets charged, I’d like to be on the jury, so I can let him go free!”

David Speaks: “Good for the owners!”

Muñoz Rosie: “If the suspect had a gun the cops would have known it by now. Smh the shooter should be charged. Mr. Tough guy. He already called the cops to confront the suspect. He wanted smoke he definitely got it he should now be charged.”

Tosha Laning: “I’m on the fence about this..The public is sick to death of thieves. The police do nothing and the jails are overcrowded. However, a death sentence for stealing a truck is extreme. And if self defense wasn’t imminent, this truck owner is going to face consequences.”

Leslee Evans:”You have to do it your own way because the police don’t do anything about stolen vehicles these days!”

Jacob Ramos Sr.: “He’s going to get charged. Should’ve just called the police and given them the location of his stolen truck.”

Jarrett Harris Sr.: “It’s his property, he can protect his property, nothing illegal happened. The officer said people shouldn’t but it’s a lot of stuff we shouldn’t do but it’s perfectly legal.”

Blake Trahan: “I was literally at the light. I watch the whole thing go down. Four or five shots were fired. It was crazy !!!”

Linda Lazos: “That’s what that thief gets! I pray that the owner doesn’t get charged . He just did the system a favor and took a bad guy out! He deserves a medal!”

Stephen Shaw: “I hope the truck owner is OK.”

Andŕe Almendarez: “I am waiting for ‘he was a good Christian man that didn’t deserve to get shot. He always had a smile on his face and loved walking his dogs’ type of statement.”

Lloyd L Ledger: “Justice was served”