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Fidencio Duran tells visual stories that honor the history of his family and community. Duran’s artwork appears in public and private collections in the U.S. and abroad. One of his most prominent works, The Visit, graces the length of the ticket counter at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Duran has the distinction of being the only artist to receive all three Dallas Museum of Art Awards to Artists.

Artist Statement:
“My work transforms personal and community memories into celebrations of culture, history, and the beauty of everyday life. Drawing with graphite on paper, I develop ideas using linear perspective for the narrative and then layer acrylics or oils onto canvas into fluid arrangements.”

Photo Captions:
A Place at the Table, acrylic/canvas, 38″ x 48″, 2021, Dell Children’s Pediatric Pavilion, Austin,TX, American Art Resources,
Photo credit: Philip Rogers Photography
Cover art by Fidencio Duran, “New Day.” Gift of Harriett and Ricardo Romo to Witte Museum. Photo
by Ricardo Romo.