GOP candidates during the first Republican debate argued over climate change, with Vivek Ramaswamy calling the agenda over the issue a hoax.“I’m the only candidate on stage who isn’t bought and paid for, so I can say this — the climate change agenda is a hoax,” he said. Do you agree? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Thomas Mc: “Who cares if people agree. The majority of Americans don’t even understand basic science, math, and data- but think they are experts. It’s no different than people telling me they “believe” the earth is flat; should I entertain undereducated people? Nope. But honestly most people know they are proud to be uneducated on things and they have a genuine disdain for anyone who does indeed know more than them. And the GOP doesn’t actually believe climate change is a hoax; they just have to pander to a largely undereducated base. Don’t believe me? Look where their money is being invested and divested. Look at construction contracts along sea walls, look at water rights being grabbed up. Someone who still believes it’s a hoax but unable or unwilling to read data means about as much to me as someone who still believes in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny”

Todd Forbes: “Agree.”

Ignacio Oliva: “Yeah. Studies can’t be bought. Believe them all.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “They were all dumb!”

Candy Yvonne: “Yes, a huge hoax. It was just reported that the Florida ocean was at 101°, which was false because what was actually sampled is the Everglades, which is very hot this time of year and considered a swamp not open sea”

Adeel Usman: “Vivek is just another billionaire who can solve all of America’s problems, if only he has ALL the power. His conversation with Bill Barr, look at how giddy Vivek is about deploying the US Military to enforce his policies domestically .. that should be a concern for everyone.”

Victor Velasquez: “He was trying to play one of Trump’s hits.”

Tyler Burton: “There’s no messing around, science is clear on this climate change is real these lot are just looking for votes.”

Cindy Rainy: “After being told climate change was the number one issue among young voters, no GOP candidate raised their hand… they all basically gave young voters the middle finger.”

Rocky Rex: “Asking people if they believe in climate change is like asking if they believe in volcanoes or electricity.”

Jeremy Boucher: “Why would they say yes? They’re all bought and paid for by fossil fuels. Humans and most plant and animal life is fuct b/c of the greed of a few.”

Ginny Ketchum Brandt: “What a clown show.”

Vicki Gambert Faiella: “Ignorance at its finest.”

Ron Valentini: “Did you notice that two topics never discussed were healthcare and gun control?? Surprise!!!”

Robert Alfonso: “I can’t stand any of those people, but he was by far the most

John Frederick: “Climate change, abortions and Trump are democrat issues. The republicans are here to talk about real issues like the economy and security.”

Glen Corson: “Climate change is real. Man-made climate change is a hoax! The only reason wildfires are so bad is because the left stopped doing forced management because they claimed it was bad for the environment and now we’re having massive fires. The idea that human beings are changing the temperature of earth is retarded.”

Kevin Scanlon: “He’s just another Ivy League educated right-wing punk with a chip on his shoulder.”

Phyllis Louderback: “I will believe climate change when the elites and heads of state give up their private jets and yachts.I will believe when virtual meetings instead of air travel around the world for politicians.I will believe it when they lead by example. Otherwise, it appears to be contrived to regulate,tax and control the people and the land.”
Thomas Wrzalinski: “Vivek is one trick pony, an internet grifter. Like all internet grifters, they fold like lawn chairs when confronted with reality. This is one primary reason grifters like Benny Shapiro refuse to debate any real intellectuals. Vivek will never survive opo research. 1) He’s a bitcoin crypto grifter, people are looking at his crypto wallet blockchain history right now. See how much foreign transactions and tax evasion he’s committing. Crypto is also a perfect instrument for bribery. 2) He’s an offshore tax evading ladder kicker as well. He claims to be the son of immigrants. How does he treat Athens in return for all the opportunities handed to him? Registers all of his companies in offshore tax havens.”