In a startling turn of events, former President Donald Trump finds himself in the midst of yet another indictment while leading the presidential race for his party. The prospect of a candidate potentially running the country from behind bars raises serious questions about the state of democracy and governance. As citizens, it is crucial to ponder the implications and consider whether we can truly be comfortable with the idea of a president ruling the nation from a jail cell. Would you be comfortable with a president behind bars running the country.? Let’s talk about it..
Morgan Ekeugo: “It is absolutely incomprehensible to see Trump in any area in America conducting rallies because he is inciting people against the state. Talking about Trump being in jail is belated as far as I am concerned. We should be counting on his anniversary of a year or two in prison. He is a distraction to American democracy and a shame to the core Republican values.”

David Morris: “I think he only ran again so his campaign could pay for his legal troubles.”

Tom Heyman: “That really says all you need to know about the Republican Party and its constituents.”

Gerard Stone: “Impeached twice, under investigation for four separate crimes, but he’s the best candidate for the GOP?”

Sue Loney Abler: “Just because he’s been indicted, doesn’t mean he will be punished. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Betsy Handley: “Have you watched him at all? Very easy to find! The whole Ellipse speech. Again, each time he says to come protest at New York, Mar-a-lago, DC…threatening riots if he doesn’t get his way, and the list is too long to continue. Try some actual research from CREDIBLE sources and you’ll find plenty. Problem is that his cult members refuse to see the truth.”

Pamela Robbins Riggs: “They need to look into Biden, he is not as honest as you all think.”

Mary Ann Christopher Nestore: “I hope Trump wins and wins big. If not for anything else but to infuriate all of you.”

Amy Olson-Treptow: “His cult followers are delusional. They evidently think he can do no wrong and he’s a constant victim. Get a clue Repugnants. You’re batting for the wrong team.”

Justin Keller: “Why wasn’t Clinton indicted for trying to overthrow the election in 2016? She denied the election then and still does now. The Democratic Party did too. It’s the exact same thing. EXACT. Y’all are so stupid. The left is so scared of Trump.”

Kayleigh Schoppe: “I don’t understand how felons aren’t allowed to vote but they’re allowed to RUN??? And why can’t they just pick a different candidate??”

Kay Gruwell: “He just said at a rally that if he is elected, he will be a dictator!! Come on people!!”

George Bulger: “Trump should have been in prison since 2020. He gets away with everything. Why isn’t the IRS after him for not paying his share of taxes? He needs to rot in prison. He shouldn’t be able to run in politics of any kind, let alone President. I am so sick of him and his name. Lock him up and throw the key away.”

Debra Thompson: “How destructive and hateful if he’s the nominee. Where are the brains of those supporting him?? He’s going to bleed them dry and not even care. He cares for no one except himself. He lies about everything that comes out of his mouth. And his followers believe him!! I would be so ashamed of myself if I supported him.”

Jerry Franklin: “They are so afraid he will be president again they will charge him with anything to stop him. So afraid he will interrupt their agenda again and bring back American pride. People have to wake up and see what the democrats are doing to ruin the country.”

David Gaver: “America has never been attacked by terrorists from the Russian government like Donald Trump has. He wanted to be a dictator. He admires Vladimir Putin and North Korea and he wants to be like them. He wants to give the keys to the White House to Vladimir Putin and he’s already given him 320 top secret documents of nuclear weapons and War plans. Donald Trump it’s nothing but a terrorist, he’s not an American and he never will be. Donald Trump for all these 44 indictments and more coming should receive the federal death penalty. The American people want to see the federal government execute Donald Trump in front of the Capitol building after Donald Trump has been found guilty of over 44 indictments to try to overthrow and Destroy American democracy for Vladimir Putin, his boss.”

Randy Carey: “I hope that we as United States citizens never again take it for granted how much of a privilege it is to be able to peacefully vote for our favorite candidate and the peaceful transfer of power in this country. The Republicans in government that continue to support this criminal should be ashamed of themselves. History will not be kind to them.”

Alice Tessier: “I cherish the day that Trump is no longer in politics. Sick of him and his cronies, who tried to DESTROY US.”

Nick Cifonie: “Trump’s beating sleep joe in the polls, of course they’re gonna come at trump again for the 3rd time. The American people are starting to see through it all, be careful what you wish for.”

Donna Telese: “It’s dangerous to keep letting him hold rallies because all he is doing is inciting people. He needs to be in jail.”

Ginger Alford: “I am so sick of the left’s hypocrisy concerning the Bidens. They preach and preach how no one is above the law. If that’s so, then why did Darryl De Sousa get 10 months in prison for the same crime as Hunter committed, but Hunter got probation. Sousa didn’t pay $67,587.73, Hunter didn’t pay $2 million+. Get this, the exact 2 prosecutors in both cases are the same prosecutors. That’s not treating citizens the same.”

Betsy Caposell: “I keep hearing the talking heads speculating that it would be bad for the country if that con man went to prison. I say it’s the opposite. When this is finally over, we’ll be lucky if we still have a democracy. He is an immoral person who ignores what he doesn’t like, including the Constitution.”

Marsha Paley: “It is obvious that too many Republicans do not care if we lose our ability to maintain a democracy…they only care about retaining power. Frightening to contemplate.”

Belinda Zermeno: “Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. Had it been anyone of us, you or I. They would’ve locked us up a longtime ago- forever. Make him pay for what he tried to take away; what our great grandfathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, fought and still standing watch for; our country.”

Debbie Toleno-Ewalt: “He should be put in cuffs and put in a prison cell to await trial. He’ll be less likely to find ways to slow down a trial if his “comfort” is compromised and we can finally start to heal as a country. For those who say he’s being treated unfairly…, he’s being treated deferentially because any one of us would have restrictions, our passport taken, and not able to traipse around the country spreading more hate and violence.”

Jackie Miller: “Actions always speak louder than words. Trump’s actions to incite were very clear.”