Provided by the Artists

Los Otros is a Texas based mural duo that has rapidly grown to become a highly sought after team for fine street art murals. Composed of Shek Vega and Nik Soup, these San Antonio headquartered artists offer over twenty years experience painting together and over thirty years experience combined. Their perfected style and striking aesthetic has people from all over the world seeking their unique fingerprint.

Prior to forming Los Otros Murals, the two artists perfected their signature skill sets individually, then juxtaposed them together to create the easily recognized Los Otros style that fans love and adore today.

With Nik Soup’s unparalleled talent for black and white photo realism and Shek’s highly acclaimed design work, clean lines and brilliant use of color, Los Otros murals have found homes with elite collectors, gallerists, museums, independent businesses, large corporations, celebrities, politicians and high profile individuals from all over the world.

To date, Los Otros Murals has aided in the creation of over eighty pieces of official public art and has raised over 40K for non-profits, charities and art organizations. Today, Los Otros Murals sets the precedent for fine street art murals and continues to innovate the industry as the years progress.

The duo has completed more than 80 Murals And Counting.

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