I received an email this morning. “This is really sad. Out of almost 1 million registered voters in Bexar County, less than 200,000 voted. We can never have a voice like this. Please encourage everyone you know to vote in EVERY election. Every election is important.” What do you think? Did you vote? If you didn’t, why not? Let’s talk about it…
Julia Aguillon: “Turnout is sadly always abysmal. I’ve made it a habit to vote in every election since I was 18. It was important for me to represent for the 18-25 demographic since the turnout is often below 20%”

Daisy De La Fuente: “I sadly was part of a young demographic who did not really vote unless it was the presidential election. Ever since we got stuck with Trump as president, I am trying more to pay attention, trying to make time to vote. I did vote this election and will again in June since our district is having a run off for councilman.”

Kelli Arguello: “I voted early. But SWISD was not part of Bexar County elections so you had to go to two different places to vote. One place for Bexar County and then you had to go somewhere else to vote for the school board. Very frustrating.”

Todd Forbes: “Yup voted – seeing what happened in the last election and what the current administration is doing to our country -voting just took on a whole new importance-local is the best place to start.”

Michael Suarez: “Went to vote for SWISD school board, but they were closed because of the non existent parade on Friday. Voted at an empty Somerset city hall for Von Ormy issues (2) but could not get back to vote for the school board. I find it ridiculous that they did the election that way, and were closed for a non-existent parade as Fiesta has been “postponed” yet again. There is a HUGE difference in voting when they choose to split it this way.

Danielle Marie Haywood: ”Why don’t we do municipal elections during the main election? I know other counties hold there’s the same time as the main elections. What would it take to make that happen?”

Shawn Armstrong: “Maybe they didn’t have an ID?”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “The sad part is local elections are where the people have the most power to actually vote for people that impact decisions and day to day life.I voted early. Voter turnout in Denton county was 8%. With 95% in early voting”
Lydia Curran: “That’s Crazy & Very Sad !”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Sad statistics.”

Ernest Sanchez: “To all the Non-Voters… you can’t complain if you “Did Not” Vote!!”

Todd Forbes: “I voted – can I complain now?”