Provided by AnArte Gallery

Lucy Peveto is an attorney turned artist who seeks to show how lives can be transformed utilizing the butterfly. Butterflies represent her own life experience: the connection between creativity, emotion and spirituality. Utilizing mixed mediums, Peveto celebrates the assurance that we can be born again through grace and the beauty of natural transformation. She seeks to show the infinite possibilities gained when we discover our God given talents. The process involves construction of wood panels, high heat and resin chemicals. Many times these elements are juxtaposed with delicate, paper-thin butterfly wings to illustrate the fragility of physical life. In other work, the artist seeks to deconstruct textile-inspired patterns to represent how we may find unexpected light and shadow in life and art.

Her work has been selected for private collections locally as well as internationally; public collections include the University Health System, University Hospital,UTSA Collection, La Cantera Resort and Spa, and GFR Development Services; and for future publication in the Junior League of San Antonio’s “Fresh Flavors” cookbook.

Peveto’s work was featured at Art to the Power of Ten, sponsored by McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum; Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum Red Dot; Southwest School of Art ROYGBIV (catalogue); AnArte Gallery Touch The Sun, Kiss The Sky (solo); Neiman Marcus, Spring Trends (solo) and in many other shows and galleries across Texas, Florida, Arizona and New Mexico.

She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two children.