A new law went into effect this week. Dog owners are prohibited from leaving a dog without adequate shelter, shade from direct sunlight, drinking water and the animal must be in an area that allows them to avoid stagnant water and exposure to excessive animal waste. This has already been in an ordinance in San Antonio. It is now a law in Texas. Do you think that now that it is a state law it will make a difference? Do you think the city will enforce it? Let’s talk about it…

Daryl Daniel Price: “Good luck enforcing that. As a prior mailman I can attest that animal control would not come out whenever we would call.”

Susan Winnett Dudley: “Can’t come soon enough!!!! I hate seeing dogs chained. I’d like to chain the owners!”

Dennis Hathaway: “It is not illegal to chain a dog outside. It is illegal to chain them and not provide the items stated in the law.”

Jacqueline Maltor: “Great news! Now people need to start reporting all those irresponsible pet owners that have these defenseless animals left chained up without shelter from extreme temperatures and without food/water.”

Biana Fuentes: “My dog has a whole big dog house under a tree, with food and water, but refuses to go inside her house when it pours. Soooo… good thing we live outside the SA area.”

Giselle Papillon: “That is good. There are going to be more stray pets on the loose, but if they are properly tagged it should not be a problem. Hopefully, they don’t get hit by a car.”

Tabetha Leigh Coronado-Munoz: “It is a very backwards world we live in. What about the unborn?”

Alma Alcoser: “What about having loose dogs while caring for children under child protective services? They had told us they had to be tied up.”

Jonell Hall: “They can be chained if they are not in the sun and have shelter water and their Area is clean.”

Roxanne N Jermaine: “Let’s see how many people get bit.”

Dorian James Wars: “Take them off leashes and bring them inside. Would you leave your children chained up in the cold? No? So then don’t be doing the same to your dogs. Or imagine what it’s like to be chained up day in and day out with little regard for your own wellbeing or with little to no food or water, not even a proper shelter built to shield from the weather. Food for thought.”

Curtis F Moore: “I’m not a dog lover myself, but if you can’t take care of a dog, don’t get one. Simple as that.”

Collins Lorraine: “I love animals, don’t get me wrong but this country, not just some places, will put more laws in place to protect animals than to protect children. Pedophiles, child killers, traffickers, child abusers get the least sentences when they hurt children. History tells us that animals were more important than protecting children. Which is very very sad.”

Tess DeFlori: “It is a shame that they do not take this much time and effort with children.”

Will Ricciardella: “It will be interesting if more dogs run away and get hit by cars or are returned to shelters because they can no longer be kept on chains. Not all dogs, especially rescue dogs, are able to be outside without running away and not everyone has a fence. It will also be interesting to see if dog bites and euthanizing dogs will tick up in the state. Let’s hope this law extends to people who chain their dogs up outside stores as well.”

Dennis L Harris: “I’m all for animal rights and this is great, but it just seems that animals are given way more rights than human beings.”

Michelle Ruiz: “I never understood why people had dogs, to just leave them outside all day, with no shade, leashed up. That’s cruel. If you can’t care for a dog, don’t have any.”

Imelda Aguilar: “Good. It will be nice if the animal control people drive around the city. I’m sure they will find a lot of dogs tied up in heavy chains.”

Bridgette Chavez: “And please, please, please follow through and enforce this!! Otherwise, it’s absolutely pointless! If someone reports something, do something. Animals are abused so effortlessly and something needs to be done.”

Alexandria Babester Esquivel: “San Antonio is like a little Mexico with so many stray dogs in the streets. I hope this law saves a lot of dogs.”

Indio Shirlee Guillen: “Honestly, no dog should be outside unless you’re out there playing with them or they want to hang out outside or do their business. If you’re going to own a dog, take full responsibility for them and treat them like your family. Keep them healthy and safe. Show them love because the love they have for you is beyond.”

David Houser: “Pit Bulls will be roaming the streets now.”

Bobbie Thompson-Bateman: “Now enforce it!”