Provided by Dr. Ricardo Romo

Born in San Juan, Texas in 1958, Rodríguez, a corporate and military nomad has lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, India, Africa, Mexico, and Latin America. Rodríguez returned to his South Texas roots in 1989.

Rodríguez has no formal art training and has been painting since 2001. Rodríguez works are reflections of his journey on earth, mortality, peace, imperfection, spiritual beliefs, joys and sorrows. His heart is exposed for all to see. Rodríguez’s technique is a multi-layered use of color and frantically scraping through layers of paint with forks, knives, sharp glass and other objects to eventually find its “soul”.

Rodríguez is collected internationally, with his works in private, corporate, and academic collections. Rodríguez portraiture work was featured in the 2006 Ford and Smithsonian exhibition of Retratos: 2000 Years of Latin American Portrait at the San Antonio Museum of Art.  His work has been exhibited in a number of local and regional galleries. Twenty of Rodríguez’s large-scale abstracts are currently part of the University of Texas System San Antonio permanent collection.

During the day, Rodríguez, a former senior executive at a Fortune 500company, provides health care consultative services to large businesses. In the desperation of the night, he paints.  Rodríguez is married to legendary designer Verónica Prida and father to sons, Jacob and Octavio(+).  Rodríguez and Prida split their time between San Antonio and Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

(Photo credits Omar Rodriguez and Ricardo Romo)