The cover features a framed photographic print by Patricia Ortiz titled “Sunday’s Paper”. The piece was featured in an exhibition for Anarte Gallery last September called “An Enchanted City”. It features a series of Composites( photographs made by combining several distinct photographs either made one over another on the same plate or made on one print from a number of negatives). Ortiz specializes in photography and composite photography. She speaks on her journey below:
“Life is full of unpredictable moments. How often have we all observed in a glance a moment which took our breath away or evoked an emotional response? Instances like these are reasons I began my journey into the world of photography, which has allowed me to suspend these moments in time. I began taking photos with my cell phone as we all do, but as I fell more and more in love with capturing real life, I decided to buy my first camera about a year and a half ago. Thus began an interpretation of life thru my eyes and lens.”
Her“An Enchanted City” series featured works focused on San Antonio life.
“If I could choose one word to describe San Antonio, it would be enchanting. Our city captivates people from all over the world with its history, culture, traditions, food, music and folklore. I too am constantly captivated by the charm of this city.”
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