In a recent call to action, President Joe Biden urged grocery chains that have been experiencing record profits to lower their prices, providing much-needed relief to consumers. The White House has praised those companies that have already responded to this appeal and is now encouraging other major corporations to follow suit. This move aims to ease the financial burden on families, ensuring they have more breathing room in their budgets. But what does this mean for the average American, and how are companies responding? What do you think about President Biden’s call for grocery chains to lower prices? How do you think this will affect your family and the economy at large? Let’s talk about it…
Gene A. Gomez: “My wallet hasn’t felt it yet.”

Walter Tango: “Raised rent, raised price of homeownership, raised oversight on our farmers, raised prices on fuel, gave away our oil reserves, halted gas exports, inflation through the roof, not exactly building from the bottom up and middle out you so proudly spout. No one can afford to live while Americans have gotten shafted paying for retirements in foreign lands and wars and an invasion of illegal people flooding across our borders all concocted by the government meant to represent Americans. We are not your cash cows for cheating. We are not your cash cows for laundering. We are not your cash cows for bills being written by politicians claiming to fight for the common American all whilst back door trading and making millions on the Hill while Americans starve and can’t afford a home. This is the worst administration in the History of the US. But what should we expect from a group of lying, grifting cheaters?”

Robert Vasquez: “Yup like lowering gas prices just for memorial weekend so we can spend more money at the grocery stores and right back up after the holiday. The monopoly of the American government. $2.79 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and right back to $3.19 the good ole Ponzi scheme.”

American AF : “None of Biden’s policies have worked. Can y’all just stop messing more things up and wait for Trump to fix it.”

Juan Carlos Castillo: “Many chain stores are announcing price cuts regardless of the soldiers holiday.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “He should have never cut the pipeline printed all that money or raised interest rates and spend how many millions on people crossing the border that we have no idea who they are on top of all the money that he sends overseas”

Pablo Hippo: “It’s called Memorial Day sales. It happens every year but congrats I guess? Lol… Are you gonna take credit for the sun coming up tomorrow?”

Paul A. Szypula : “America calls on ‘President’ Biden to lower inflation and stop letting illegals into the U.S. But Biden won’t do that of course. He knows the only way he has a chance in November is if illegals vote for him.”

Maximus D. Meridius: “They aren’t making record profits. The price is inflated because the cost to produce goods has inflated.”

Rob Coates : “I’m not blaming my local grocery store for the price of the ground beef. I’m blaming the Biden Administration. Things weren’t like this when Trump was in office.”

An American: “Translation: Joe Biden is asking all businesses involved in the food business to lose money so he can retain the White House so the DNC can give us 4 more years of poverty, crime, invasions, wars, oppression & higher taxes There, I fixed it for you.”

Wille: “They lowered their prices because they woke and are going broke.”