Born: Brigham City, Utah, 1958

Visual Artist Cris Escobar grew up traveling through the Southwest and Eastern United States as a migrant farm worker at an early age. Escobar through his art depicts the Chicano and Mexicano experience and the rich traditions of his culture. Since attaining his fine arts degree from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1991, Escobar has devoted much of his time to community arts organizations, social service agencies, and local schools. Deeply concerned with environmental issues, social injustice, and cultural preservation, Escobar uses his work to promote ecological and social consciousness.

Photo Caption: Congressman Joaquin Castro meeting with Director Cristina Balli and Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center leaders and local students. He discussed how the new funding [$102,000] will support the Latino Bookstore’s work to offer expanded, expert-designed, culturally relevant, and locally situated bilingual programs to underscore literacy as a social practice and to support the educational advancement of local children and other Texas constituents.

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