By Raul Servin

The realization of this show was easy. I only had to invite several important people to a party; like Father Time, Life and Death, Truth and Lies, Politics and Culture, Reality and Craziness, and several others. More bad guys showed up than good guys, but every- one brought a bottle of their favorite liquor, which they poured in a magic cauldron full of tequila punch. They started drinking it around mid- night. Demons and pleasure, history and fantasy, tradition and craziness conversed (laughing and crying at times) about personal adventures and matters. As the night advanced and everyone was confused and drunk. I saw them clearly and in the early morning they were hung-over and sleeping peacefully, al- most on top of each other. I got my canvas and my brushes and that is when the paintings for Stitches were born. 45% reality, 45% craziness, and the rest is bullsh*t that happened here or in another dimension.

In Stitches there is a convergence of words and images that translate the reality, magic, time and space, politics, religion, and visual and physical experiences; but in a psychological state. Because, when there is a convergence of word and image, the mind is a sacred disease and the vision is a lie given tribute to the memory of everyday aesthetic. Stitches is a biographical testimony and a resource to invade the political and social surroundings of the Mexican American since they were robbed of their land, culture, language, and identity when the border crossed them. Yes, the frontier, which is an open wound, and in the illegals, blood is still flowing from it. In Stitches, I wanted to see my dream realized by constructing them in a 3-dimensional space. And my worry is to understand them or not. Because talking about beauty or the illusion, it is precisely there where the the necessity of using visual art which is not conceived as an experience for writing. The visual art is necessary to show a unique realization of space, like it or not. My task is a consequence of reflections from the past, present, and fu- ture, and political matters that I have been thinking of at any moment. I thought all transcendent moments leave open cracks where we can scrutinize a wound and pull out the truth about what really happened.

Stitches is a way to create distances between the imagination and reality in a visual media. I use it to create a space of unique realizations of ideas, like them or not.