Artist Statement provided by AnArte Gallery

“We are more than our mirrored reflection, more than the surface of our skin. We are complex works of art, science and metaphysics. We are symmetry and function. Body, mind and spirit. We know our lungs because we breathe, we know our truths because we think and feel deeply. Marked and changed by significant events and illness, we heal with exquisite imperfection and are transformed.

These mixed media paintings expose the largely unseen echo of our inner bodies, revealing what lies beneath. Images from intense modulated radiation therapy scans, CT scans and others, serve as the basis for these works.

Imagery is manipulated to express the profound symmetry life possesses, yet invites unexpected mars, marks and visual tensions that emulate the imperfection of healing and memory. The butterfly serves as an icon, representing the transformational process and embodiment of both physical and psychic transformation and transcendence.

Recent events in my life and of those around me lead me to this series, a temporary shift from my usual work. It is a universal truth that physical and emotional events affect each of us in profound ways. Yet we do heal. In my own way I have experienced this and have seen loved ones pass through this sometimes arduous process. Having done so, we are in some way irrevocably changed… often for the better, but changed nonetheless.”

 Title of Cover Art:


Mixed Media on Panel