Sandra Mack-Valencia Sandra Mack-Valencia’s work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and institutions in Colombia, Japan, Paris, and the United States. She is a recipient of the Nathalie Angles Award, the Sommerville Arts Prize, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant. Her work was selected as part of the (S) Files Biennial at El Museo del Barrio in New York. Sandra was chosen as one of the Outstanding Antioqueños in the World, and her art practice was featured in a documentary that aired at her native city.

 Sandra Mack-Valencia grew up in Colombia, where under the smell of oil paint, turpentine and linseed oil in her father’s studio, she developed a passion for the arts, in particular for painting and drawing. After receiving her BFA from the Universidad de Antioquia, she moved to New York and finished her MFA at Hunter College.

 Sandra was recently invited through Art Connects NY to be part of a permanent exhibition at the Fortune Society in New York in April 2016, and she is one of the invited artists to show at the annual exhibit at St. Paul the Apostle Church in NY in August, 2016