Do you think Vice President Pence should declare that President Trump is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office? Should the Vice President have the President removed immediately by invoking the 25th amendment? Let’s talk about it..

Kelli Ralph: “This will not heal our nation, it will cause further divide and Pelosi should know that. She is equally to blame for yesterday because she has had a big part to play in this nation’s division. This Nation will not begin to heal until there is a peaceful transition from Trump to Biden as Trump said would happen and Pelosi resigns as speaker of the house. Then this nation will begin to heal.”

Abel Saldana: “Yes he should but he won’t because he’s more concerned about his political future.”

Kirsten Lind: “No! Let’s Hold the Democrats and Republicans liable for the Security Breach Yesterday. There is no way that anyone should have been able to penetrate a National Institution. Period! There is more to all of this than we are thinking. We as Americans need to ask More Questions.’’

Bonnie Taylor: “I think the process will take longer than the 13 days he has left in office. It has to be invoked, debated, the POTUS can present a case for himself and the 2/3 of the house and senate have to approve it.”

Laura Flores: “This is all on Trump not Pelosi. He was a joke from the beginning. Look at all the damage he’s created in 4 years. It would take a very very very long time to clean up his mess. People can’t see how corrupt he is. He doesn’t care about his supporters. You all are his puppets. And you all walked right into his trap. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions but when people use violence and hate towards your own people then the problem just got bigger. Trump has some really serious issues. It’s time to get the sick person out of office.”

Steve Rizo: “Yes he should. He showed more poise then Trump ever has in his 4 years in office. He should have been the president from the get go.”

Christie M Willis: “This is appalling to me, Pence should stand his ground and keep Trump president until the transitioning. Pelosi is trying to humiliate the greatest President we have ever had.”

Rita Velasquez: “Yes, agree wholeheartedly.”

Ruby H Roel: “Pence is not going to do anything. He learned his lesson yesterday. He had to run for his life, after Trump released his hound dogs for saying he is going to follow the constitution and not reject the elector votes.”

Max Muñiz: “He’s one sick puppy! 25th Amendment now! Otherwise he’ll pardon anyone who gets arrested as a result of these despicable actions!”

Francisco Javier Aldana: “Both should simultaneously quit!”

Steven Espinoza: “Silliness. If he won’t challenge the election, he won’t do this. Media stoking the fire as usual.”

Maria Chávez Rocco: “Absolutely, but when has he or any Republican “leader” demonstrated real leadership these last 4 years???”

Mary Sherman: “Pence is an invertebrate.”

Shawn Armstrong: “What good would that do? It’s only 14 days from now until the Jan. 20 inauguration. It would take more time for the paperwork.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “ABSOLUTELY! I’M SO SICKENED BY THIS IDIOT!! He’s still the president for the next 13 days and a Danger to Our Country!”

Amanda Cena: “Absolutely! What more do we need to see? Votes were counted by Dems, Republicans and Independents and it was verified zero fraud occurred. When people were marching by the thousands, that was a political stunt. Because if it weren’t, they would have been marching by the thousands since they started crossing over decades ago. I am woke enough to see the hypocrisy and hate that chump has spewed for 4 years.”

Jorge Glez Merriam: “Nooooo Por que Pence lo perdona.Juicio político a Trump
Ninguna persona está por encima de la ley. Que pague sus crímenes a la humanidad de los periodistas asesinados x Saudis, niños inmigrantes muertos y desaparecidos en las cárceles fronterizas de EUA immigration. Y un sin fin de tranzas y corrupción familiar”

Mel Coronado: “Yesterday looked like the Hunger Games for meth addicts. Sad day indeed.”

Julian Rodriguez: “If those rioters were black or Hispanic they would have been shot and dead bodies lying everywhere