As a teenager, I have fond memories of spending my Sundays at the car wash with my friends. We would have matching cars and spend hours there. I also remember cruising and parking on Military Drive after visiting Brackenridge Park. Unfortunately, my kids or grandkids will never experience those luxuries as everything now is so dangerous and can turn into a shoot out. It’s a shame that even something as simple as washing a car can no longer be considered safe. It makes me wonder, what do teenagers do now for fun? What did you do for fun as a teenager? Let’s talk about it…

Gregorio De La Paz: “You cannot even park at Hemisphere Park anymore without having to pay. It used to be free back in the day. Now, it’s just all social media now. They don’t know what cruising is, staying up late, sitting on top of your car looking at the stars, going roller skating. Now it’s about who’s got the most expensive cell phone and the fastest car that makes the loudest noise. They will never understand parking in front of Taco Cabana parking lot just watching the traffic go by on Military.”

Chris Castillo: “Exactly! They missed out on such great freedom and fun. My friends and I used to cruise Military, park or go to the “tracks”..uyy. We never worried about fights or guns. It was so much fun. They’ll never get to hang up the phone so hard that the other person knows you’re pissed.. lol. Go to sleep with the doors and windows open and not worry about break ins. Good times! Jeez..I did bad things that I didn’t confess to my parents until I was in my 40’s.. lol. For the most part, I hung out with friends cruising Military drive.”

Carolina Roberts: “Kids nowadays are cybertized!”

Thomas Mc: “I might still be liable for damages so I’d rather not say lol”

Larry Don: “Turned on my truck and burned rubber, (woke up the neighbors who partied till 2am)….”

Roger Reyna: “Went to Rock concerts, jamming with friends.”

Janie Saravia: “Swimming in the Guadalupe river.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “We used to go to the mall. Parents would drop us off or we’d take the bus.”

Frances Potter: “Kids today are on IPads … I worked as a teenager.”

Mark Mendoza: “Unfortunately, times have changed, we will never have the freedoms we used to have. We could sleep outside in tents in the backyard and would light fires. We should do a night where we get together in a big parking lot and start it up for the old-school cats like us…. I remember all we were worried about was how we were gonna get some money for drink and gas, and how many numbers we could get…….oooh those were the days. LMAO”

Pablo Rodriguez: “That’s funny I took my kids last summer to Brack . No one cruises on Sunday anymore.”

Shawn Armstrong: “Well basically what it sounds like is that what a lot of the teenagers are doing now for fun is making sure that other people can’t go out and have fun anymore”

Stacy Fairhurst-Givens: “Roller skating is what I did.”

Jeff Hull: “In the early to mid 80s I would go and be on the local TV show Jammin.”

Nina A. Sanchez: “You remember… Image Teen Club. Good Times. We lived in there We even had our own table… I remember security would move ppl sitting at our table once we got there.”

Terry Diaz-Babida: “I went Skating.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Cruise, Movies, Mall, Roller skating.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “We would go Downtown and to the Hemisfair when they had all the rides. We went to Skateland, played in the rain and went to Mexico!!”

Annabelle Perez Martinez: “Aside from most of the activities already mentioned,during the summer my fun was going to Brack for the free all day concerts, usually sponsored by KTFM. I’m not going to lie, mainly to boy-watch.”

Mark Gibbons: “Hung out with friends and family.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Drink beer. Drink beer. Oh and drink beer.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “Hung out with my neighborhood friends. We rode our bikes all around the neighborhood, kicked back at each other’s houses and watched movies. We danced and competed at friends debuts. We went to Military Drive to drive around and see all the cars. We went to Image teen club. We went skating at Skate Time South. We hung out at SouthPark Mall or River Center Mall.”

Roseanne Medellin: “I was in cheerleading. I also went skating and went to the movies.”

Feliz Flores: “I went to Our Lady of the Lake to go swimming.”

Rick Carter: “Absolutely NOTHING that I can post here.”

Frank Burton: “Skating, video games, music, dancing and cruising Military and Brack. Good times!”

Blue Rose Alvarez: “Wicked Step! They used to play at those backyard keg parties. Nowadays, everyone has a DJ. It was so cool to enjoy live music. I was in love with all the long haired musicians! Oh, man! I am really dating myself, here!”