Centro Cultural Aztlan is pleased to present the 14th annual Mujeres de Aztlan exhibition, titled Mujeres de Aztlan: Rise, Speak, Act. Through this annual exhibition, Centro Cultural Aztlan aims to raise the visibility of women artists working to develop their careers and expand their artistic expressions.

This year’s exhibition and floricanto will focus on social issues facing women, including reproductive justice, working conditions, access, identity, and other relevant issues of today. We selected artwork that addresses women’s experiences, struggles, roles, and contributions as creators, supporters, change-makers, nurturers, and more. Artists are encouraged to express their unique perspectives on diverse social issues. The Lead Artist for this exhibition is Sarah Shore.

Participating Artists include: Lead Artist: Sarah Shore.

Santa Barraza, Kim Bishop, Anel Flores, Angelica Gomez Mayorga, Norma Jean Moore, Gricelda C. Nill, Denise Perez, Lenise Perez-Miller, Savannah Rust, Sarah Sharp, Ethel Shipton, Monica Walker, Angela Weddle and Liliana Wilson.

Mujeres de Aztlan: Rise, Speak, Act will open on Thursday, March 2, 2023 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the Galeria Expresion at 1800 Fredericksburg Road #103.Music performance by: El Corazon Femenil de Conjunto-The Feminine Heart of Conjuto-Live performance by Women Students and Collaborators from the Conjuto Heritage Taller.

A follow-up event Floricanto de Mujeres, an evening of Poetry and Song will be held in the same location on Wednesday, March 8th from 6-8PM, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Featuring: Lisa Carrington, Anel Flores, Genesis Linares, Sabrina Lopez, Sonya Rosario, Karen Wells, Liza Ybarra, Alicia Zavala Galván and Binisa Zentella.

The exhibit is free and open to the public and will be on view through March 30th, 2023. Monday-Thursday, 10:00am-4:00pm, except for Holidays.
Centro Cultural Aztlan is a community-based organization with a mission to preserve, develop and promote Chicano/a, Latino/a art and culture. The center presents an array of cultural activities that encourages and supports artistic creativity, preserves our local heritage, and makes the arts more widely available to residents of all backgrounds, ages and interests.


Norma Jean Moore
Artist Statement

I was introduced to the ancient practice of visualization by my first painting teacher who helped me transition from university student to professional artist. Sandra had contracted a rare form of cancer and admitted herself to the care of MD Anderson. By the time I had met her, she was out of treatment and fully recovered. Doctors had treated her cancer, but had also equipped her with the ability to participate in her recovery by visualizing herself back to health.

Visualizations are taken seriously by neuroscience and professionals in various careers to provide the extra needed practice to make extraordinary leaps in performance. In my personal practice to heal, I began using images from nature. For my weakened lungs, it was songbirds. Cancer cells were smothered by the blowing and piling up of sand to smother the sickly cells and replaced by the springtime activity of new growth.

For more information, please call Centro Cultural Aztlan M-TH, 10:00am to 4:00pm at 210-432-1896 or come by Centro Cultural Aztlan’s office located in the Deco Building at 1800 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 103.