The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine could be arriving this week. Many people have been asking if an employer can force employees to get the vaccine. An attorney in El Paso who is board certified in labor and employment law says employers can terminate an employee who chooses to not get vaccinated. What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Richard Perez: “So my thought is this: If the vaccine is 95% effective, then anyone who takes it should not care about anyone that doesn’t, right? It really is a slippery slope when you begin to think it’s ok to ostracize people who don’t get a vaccine that’s had no possibility of studying long term effects. Some people are not comfortable with that. Yes, I know the disease is real. I had it in July. I also know the flu is real and kills and the flu shot is not mandatory to work so? Every business has a right to run its operations, and every citizen can make a choice. That’s how the world works.”

Holly Benchoff: “I’m a healthcare worker and so far…they are letting us choose”

Mike Miller: “So everyone in the office gets the shot, right? What are they afraid of if I don’t? Do they not trust the shot? By the way, has your boss read aloud every ingredient that is in the vaccine to the office? I recommend it also be done with the flu shot. One more thought; why is it “my body my choice” with abortion but with the shot its my body my job? By the way, I do feel the company owner has the right to say that. Just like the mask mandate, I disagree but respect the businesses who want it.”

Thomas Mc: “Well yes and no… At minimum 40-60% of the population needs to be inoculated then what you’re saying works.”

Clarisia Hernandez: “No, because they don’t care enough about us to tell us that a coworker tested positive that you were working very close to. Employers should protect their workers! This is only to protect them, not us! They think of us as replaceable.”

Adela Harper Kelly: “I have a sister who had Gallium Barre and cannot get shots for flu or shingles and most likely will not be able to get Covid-19 shots. But like shots for smallpox, shingles, flu, measles, mumps etc… If you do not have a medical reason, why can you not? You would be foolish not to. But we are and should all have the right of choice! But NO ONE should be forced to do ANYTHING with their body they do not want. “

Robin White Justis: “Well I live in a state where they can fire you for whatever so yeah.
Employees in Texas possess few rights in comparison with their employers, because Texas is an at will employment state. This means employees can be fired for no reason at all, just not for an illegal reason. Unfortunately, many employees have no wrongful termination rights.”

Brian Stout: “I’d take it so I wouldn’t endanger my parents…. but that’s just me and should be left up to the individual…”

Adina Wisser Smith: “But how is this different from it being mandatory to get various vaccinations to attend school, university or travel/move to certain countries? Don’t we all do that?”

Daniel L. Harabis: “Texas is an “at will” employment state…thus some employers can make that decision.”

Britt Burrow: “They haven’t fired for not taking flu vac which kills more people yearly? If they get covid then they take sickness. If they choose not to take it and the company says they should…”

Vickie Alejandro Perez: “I don’t think they should fire you but like it’s your choice it should also be their choice to keep you if you don’t take it …business also should have that choice if they want to work side by side with you not getting vaccinated…as a business woman I would want to have that choice as well.”

Jerry Reed: “Absolutely! Same way children get vaccinations for schools.”

Carrie Jordan: “Just so everyone knows…in a declared national emergency like a pandemic a-lot of the medical laws you use to know go out the window. They can make the Vaccine mandatory to everyone if they felt it was necessary to reach herd immunity.”

Alcala Angel Dora: “What’s next for the rest of us if we don’t want the Vaccine what are they planning no government help for families that need help.”

Jimmy James: “Hmm now this is a tough one; if you work behind a desk in some office in some building why right, but if you’re a nurse, teacher, or generally around the public in high risk? If you opt-out, perhaps you have to sign a waiver, wear the mask permanently and never get invited to another office party again.”