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After a conversation with Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales, I decided to search for things to do for kids in the Westside, Southside, and Eastside of San Antonio. Councilwoman said she is sure there are things to do but where are they listed? Where are they advertised? I didn’t find anything other than the large theme parks and attractions. La Prensa Texas would like to be where you can find that information. We are asking you to send us family-oriented things that are happening in your community. My question is, why do you think that this is not something already put in place? What do you suppose would happen if these communities came together more often? Am I wrong? Where would someone find this info as per community? Let’s talk about it… Greg Jordan Something I have been doing to entertain and educate my grandchildren is taking them to Traders Village. No I’m not just advertising for my business either. The amusement rides are plentiful for the young and old.

There are numerous events pre planned throughout the weekend. I’m also teaching the kids the value of money and how to take care of it, spend it, or just save it. The adults also have a good time as well. I’m just suggesting that y’all give it a chance. $4.00 per vehicle. Thank you for your time!! Denise Castano Wirth Look at the alamo city moms blog, it’s for ALL moms. There’s always activities listed Stephanie Chavez We have parks but kids events to guide them into activities would help. I’ve done several kids camps and kids events. You have to engage and work with these kids so many that really don’t know what to do at a park , parents as well. I’ve been to even YMCA’s and staff doesn’t know how to get kids excited or interested . You have so many personalities, so many with ADHD, autism you have to set the environment for them to engage and learn to socialize. Kelly Narvaez There is always stuff posted in that Kids magazine that’s at HEB. Maria Perez You’re absolutely right Tello each district should have a listing under child development or community activities. Or at least listed under the city of San Antonio web page. We’re all responsible for our children’s development and education. Apparently San Antonio ranks in between. When it comes to education I believe that each organization or children activities/ events should merge. So that it won’t be so difficult for parents to look for. Stephanie Chavez We have Texas Parks and Wildlife that hosts several events. I work with them. Fin Addict with Shimano Penn. Local Peter Piper Pizza’s , Chikfila’s Aquarium on Bandera… They actually come out to community events as well as host their own. Noel Tello My nephew leads one of the Fin Addict groups. George Tello Jr. George Tello Jr. Check out Our Facebook at Fin Addict Angler Foundation or website We host “FREE” fishing Clinics to the public. We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.


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