This is a true story that happened this weekend: A 50 something-year-old man and his wife go out to eat at a nice establishment catering to the Monte Vista area. The waitress is a young Hispanic college student. He begins speaking to her in Spanish. She explains she doesn’t speak Spanish. He then starts taunting and harassing her in Spanish until his wife puts a stop to it. Management did absolutely nothing to stop the harassment or address the issue. Other employees were extremely uncomfortable while the couple was able to enjoy their entire meal meanwhile, the waitress served them. Everyone agreed this was wrong but nothing was done. The next day, one of the employees quit. He wrote an email to the manager that was on duty that evening explaining he felt that he could no longer work at an establishment that harbours a safe place for racist people to say and act however they want in fine restaurant. The manager was extremely offended and said the employee was making an excuse to quit because he didn’t want to work there anymore. He was terribly disappointed by her reaction. My personal opinion, if you say nothing at all, you support this behavior. He did the right thing to quit because he was that insulted; By doing this to her, it was like doing it to him. Should there be a policy in place to protect employees from racial harassment? What would you have done if you were the Manager? the waitress? a customer? Let’s talk about it?

Ramiro Mendez: Wrong! Someone has to put the owner or Manager in the right place!

Brenda Garcia: No matter , everyone deserves respect! Manager was wrong I agree.

Sharada Tholen Sanchez: Manager should have stepped in and said something. The waitress should not have been made to feel so badly. As a manager if you do not understand what is being said but someone tells you, it is in the best interest of your customers and staff to open your mouth and say something to the offenders. If it continues, exercise your right to ask them to leave nicely and if they refuse escalate the situation as needed.

Robbie Willis: Let me put it this way: Had it been a white couple doing this to a Hispanic wait staff who barely speaks English it would be all over the news. It should not be tolerated by anyone regardless of language spoken or your skin color. The employee was right and the manager needs to be let go.

Jazmin D Zuñiga: Lately Hispanics have been on the news for being mistreated or people being racist towards them but in reality it’s been happening for years and no one spoke up or did anything about it! I witnessed it in a Chinese Restaurant years ago, the cashier was being ugly to this elderly man who spoke only spanish to the point were I got up to tell her something and so it doesn’t matter if it’s white, black or any race, people need to stand up for what is wrong.

Santiago Tello: They’re already are protections against discriminatory behavior. It is Title 7 of the USC. I took on a EEO case years ago on discrimination based on national Origin, age and sex. Won 2 of 3.

Mary Svetlik Watkins:Good for the server for taking a stand. The idea that someone with brown skin speaks Spanish is crazy.I think it’s stupid to assume anybody’s language skills. My daughter is blonde and blue eyed. She started learning Spanish in kindergarten. She speaks with no discernible accent.

Rick Carter: I’d take that dude for a walk #nobullyinganylonger