Juan Hernandez: Far Left

Juan Hernandez, an artist employed by the Community Cultural Arts Organization (CCAO) at the Cassiano Homes in the Westside of San Antonio, painted the cover art mural in 1985. Hernandez, a Lanier High School graduate, most often worked with a team of young artists in training.
The mural commemorates the participation of Mexican Americans in World War II. More than 500,000 Mexican Americans served in the military during World II, many of whom volunteered for service following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The mural is one of many large murals painted in the Westside community almost 40 years ago. A majority of the more than 50 existing murals are located in the center of the Cassiano Homes just west of Zarzamora Street and the San Antonio Produce Market. Most of these colorful murals were painted at the Cassiano site by young artists who were mentored through CCAO youth art programs. The CCAO, headed by Anastacio Torres, received funding from the City of San Antonio’s public housing offices to beautify the surroundings of the Cassiano Homes during the 1980s. This mural and many others are in dire need of repainting since many of them have faded with the intense Texas sun.