Trump added the second-most debt of any recent president. That is less than the $3.46 trillion added between Obama’s inauguration in January 2009 and February 11, 2011. One important difference between Trump’s debt figures and Obama’s is that Trump has added a massive amount of debt while the US economy has been strong, whereas Obama took over during the depths of the financial crisis. What is the difference between Obama’s debt and Trump’s deficit? Is there a difference? Biden was handed this budget just like Obama. Is history repeating itself? Let’s talk about it…

Randy Weir: “Obama added to the debt to combat real crises. He inherited what was at the time the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, then had to deal with the US auto industry on the verge of collapse, two epidemics, and two wars. By the time he left office, the financial crisis was over, our banks were saved, the auto industry was saved, the epidemics were over, the wars were basically over as well, the Dow had tripled, unemployment fell by more than half, and he had cut the deficit he inherited by half. Trump inherited a strong economy and no immediate crisis, and immediately started increasing the deficit. He never solved a single problem. Instead, he increased the trade deficit, bankrupted our farmers and factories, then botched his response to a pandemic and collapsed the economy, and by the time he left office, 75% of schools were closed, hundreds of thousands of businesses had permanently closed, unemployment was almost double what he inherited, and he multiplied the deficit he inherited about sixfold with nothing to show for it.”

Anne Ephraim: “Don’t forget all the Americans who died needlessly who would most likely have been alive if he had managed the pandemic properly.”

Jeffrey Hudgens: “…and a COVID policy that would have prevented most USA COVID deaths was available to Trump. But he had better ideas.”

Nigel Baker: “Also, Obama lowered the deficit 7 years in a row. Trump quintupled it in 4.”

Jay Mapson: “The national budget deficit in 2016 dropped to UNDER $600 BILLION. Trump increased that number to $3.8TRILLION (6.3X). Now it’s back down to $1.1TRILLION.”

Lee Kamps: “Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the COVID pandemic is a presidential failure for the ages. He was warned by the World Health Organization in December 2019 about a potential pandemic originating in China. But he chose to ignore that warning because he didn’t want to upset people.Then when the virus reached the United States, he exhibited the worst example of presidential leadership and left it up to the governor’s of the states affected. There was no coordinated effort from the President on the pandemic. Instead Trump made insane and stupid comments such as “it will be over by Easter” or “just like that, it will go away when the weather warms up”. He promoted quack cures like hydroxychloroquine and injecting bleach. Does anybody remember his press conferences with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx with the doctor’s facial expressions of total disbelief. Then, Donald Trump had to hold an indoor rally for his campaign that became a super spreader event. In fact the term super spreader became associated with Trump’s events such as the reception for his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett where Donald Trump got exposed to COVID.
Then, Donald Trump did something that no previous President in our country’s history had ever done. He lost his bid for a second term and incited a riot of his supporters to prevent the certification of his defeat. What transpired on January 6 2021 will forever cement Donald Trump’s presidency as the worst in our country’s history. During Donald Trump’s single term as President, there were no major accomplishments at all. The only major piece of legislation passed during the Trump presidency was a massive tax cut that mostly benefited the wealthy and big corporations. It exploded the deficit and actually hurt the economy. So, congratulations Donald Trump; you have set the lowest standard for presidential failures. Donald Trump’s place in history has been set. It will be studied by future historians and young people as the lowest point in presidential leadership.”

Mike Twofeathers: “Wasn’t that long ago he was at a rally and said he got the vaccine booster, the crowd booed. Remember he said he would never get it. But apparently he had 2 shots before he had a booster. Those going by what he said created the issue, that the most getting sick were mostly republicans. Worst part is saying not getting the shot is somehow freedom. That’s a lie.”

Brian Napier: “I hate to say it, but Trump does have one accomplishment that would have bipartisan agreement. The Trump administration started Operation Warp Speed that got us the Moderna and J&J vaccines. Pfizer did not accept funds for vaccine development though its British partner got funding, but did get a guarantee from the Trump administration to buy millions of doses once the vaccine was approved.”

William Underhill: “He multiplied the deficit he inherited about sixfold with nothing to show for it.” Not so! Billionaires got tax breaks! Won’t someone think of the billionaires?!”

Glenn Thum ”GOP financial mismanagement is worse than what gets reported. When a new president takes office, the federal government is already more than a quarter into the prior president’s budget (Oct 1 to Jan 22]. The new president has very limited control over spending for the remaining three quarters because Congress already allocated the monies.Obama’s 2009 deficit really belongs to Bush 43, and Trump’s 2017 deficit belongs to Obama. Biden can’t really take much credit for 2022 deficit reductions because we have been operating under Trump’s last budget through Sept 30.”

Jay Mapson: “Biden took office in 2021. His budget started in late 2021. 2022 budgeting is all Biden. His administration has reduced Trump’s $3.8TRILLION budget deficit in January 2021 to $1.1TRILLION in October 2022.”

Bryce Wallace: “I hate to defend Trump on anything since he is scum and a con-man, but in his defense for school and business closing. Most of it was due to the pandemic. Now the Republicans did not help with giving huge loans to themselves and industries who just reported record breaking profits every year.”

Anne Lachapelle: “Eh, he had a trillion dollar deficit the year before covid for no reason. The economy was supposedly booming, right? You don’t run huge deficits in a healthy economy.”

Jay Mapson: “Your estimate of Trump’s deficit level is way off. Obama left with the National Budget Deficit UNDER $600 BILLION. In January 2021, it was OVER $3.8TRILLION. I recall it being OVER $2.4TRILLION prior to the pandemic.”

Terry Bowden: “Schools and businesses closed to slow the spread of Covid so as not to overwhelm the hospital system. That could have been avoided if Trump had used the bully pulpit to encourage Governors to institute a strict quarantine of infected persons as soon as infections became known in their States. Instead, he in effect told the States, you are on your own.”

Sean McDirmid: “This is not true! Trump solved the problem of a falling deficit.”

Mike Burns: “The US auto industries should have been forced to go through the bankruptcy process. They WERE NOT too big to fail.. and if they had been allowed to.. investors would have bought the pieces up and restructured them to be successful. During this process (which would have had a long line of folks eager to buy up and take over these companies.. post-haste) they could have easily fixed the big glaring problems (caused by the unions) by restructuring the stupid, self-serving, and out of control probs-like spiraling upwards legacy costs-which the unions saddled GM, Ford, and Chrysler with (every chance they got)-a great many of which were not tenable, deserved, nor made in good faith.Anyone telling you ‘this is not so’ is clearly full of it. We’ve all seen the evidence, through investigative reports, testimony from former and/or fed-up union workers, and the out-of-control always escalating car prices (that now approach the cost of a house and require financing that exceeds the usable life of the vehicle). It’s very hard not to conclude the biggest problems the car companies faced were clearly as a result of the disgusting and selfish practices these union organizations have excelled in forcing the manufacturers to accept (by hook or by crook).. ad nauseum. They are still enjoying this protection (the dems absolutely gave them).These unions were also huge democrat donors, so the dems (led by obozo in this instance) rushed in and made it so these (crooked) unions.. and their fubar unsustainable contracts COULD NOT BE thrown out and/or restructured (which absolutely had to be done to get these car companies back on track). In other words, our democrat elected reps ultimately set the stage so the corrupt unions (and their crap contracts) could not be touched nor forced to renegotiate. Our government ultimately accomplished this by inserting itself into the process.. screwing the investors.. and then ‘giving’ control of the companies to these union bullies and miscreants. This is why $10,000.00 cars now cost $100,000.00-thank you unions.”

Trouble49: “All this and people still kiss his ring. AND have the nerve to attack Biden. Trump and his family used his presidency as a personal piggy bank.”