The time has come where I now qualify to get vaccinated. I have battled with this decision. My biggest concern is that I react to almost everything; Motrin, Midol, Claritin. If there are side effects, I am sure to get them. I also have an issue about vaccines since my grandson reacted to one. That vaccine changed our lives and I guess I’m still dealing with that. So, I threw in the towel and decided to schedule myself. I haven’t known anyone personally that has suffered any major side effects. I’m scheduled for a Moderna vaccine today. I’ve been told this is the most likely of them all to give me side effects. I decided to do this now after much thought and consideration because I am a mother, grandmother, and a community servant. I expose myself often and I could expose my family and my community. I have to think of the bigger picture and not just myself. I know I have to do my part. I will say that I’m worried and not 100% comfortable with my decision but I know it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want my family to lose me to this virus. I have to lead by example. I have been told to stay hydrated and drink ibuprofen before getting vaccinated. Any tips on before and after is greatly appreciated.. What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about it…

Darwin Walker: “Very well said! You made the right decision”

Kellie Williams Smith: “I know 2 people who got bell’s palsy w Moderna . One still has it. Everyone posts about reactions w 2nd shot no matter which one it is.”

Otilia Dela Cruz Lozano: “I was just as nervous as many other people. I decided to get the vaccine for myself, my family and especially for my job. I took tylenol before the vaccine and of course the body reacts to it, it was just a little pain from head, I took tylenol days after the vaccine and thank God I’m fine. first God you will be fine, I’ll be praying for you.”

Steven Espinoza: “I pray you have no reactions. I’ve known two people that died from the second shot. So my advice is don’t hesitate at all if symptoms are severe. Delays can be fatal.”

Jackie Perez: “I was in the same boat! Very reluctant but eventually took advantage when my employer provided the opportunity. Don’t let your scepticism and mind get the best of you and make you suspect you feel a little something when you might not!”

Lydia Curran: “Just get it you’ll be fine. You’re overthinking it. I got mine. The first one, I just had chills, not a big deal. The second one, I was fine. Seriously, just do it. You can do this. You’ll be so relieved you did.”

Cindy Salinas: “I took Tylenol one hour before and had side effects with second Moderna. I had a low grade fever and body aches and just took Tylenol for a couple days. Good luck and thanks for sharing”

Miguel Antonio DeHoyos: “Take Tylenol afterwards , that’s best. Had a mild reaction to it. Slight headache and fatigue.”

Kelly Narvaez: “I was told by the nurses on site not to do ibuprofen before as it reduces your body’s reaction to the vaccine.”

Jerry Rowray: “There are no guarantees in life. It’s like buying insurance for your car; you might not ever use it but it’s nice to have if you ever do. It is the same with vaccines. Did you get a flu, pneumonia or shingles vaccine ? These days we can’t rely on ANYTHING made by man. If you want to worry about side effects of the vaccine or the chance of possibly dying from the disease it’s up to you, it’s your body. Since you haven’t taken the vaccine’s I mentioned, good for you. That shows you have a natural tolerance to disease. Good Texas stock.”

Candy Yvonne: “Is it ideal to get the vaccine now that some news reports are saying it’s only good for 6 months, if that?”

Thomas Mc: “Take a few Tylenol right after. Hit me a few hours later and was gone by 24 hours”

Cynthia Garcia: “You will be fine. I had read somewhere not to take any Tylenol or Ibuprofen before the shot, take it after”

Jay Viveiros: “All the people I know have had very little to no reactions. Maybe a little soreness.”

Sandra Luna Perez:
“Praying for you.”