Whether it was a runny nose or a sore knee, or cancer, my Mom’s cure-all was “ponte vicks,” “sangre de chango” or “drink a 7up.” Growing up, what was your Mom’s go-to? Let’s talk about it…

Joann Laque: “Same, y unos chingasos on top of that if we hurt ourselves.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Same as your moms. Seven up and ginger ale cured it all, or even some agua florida or agua santa!!!!”

Rick Carter: “Honey Bee Venom and CBD for Gout.. works like a charm with a real ‘hair of the dog’ (it’s like a jellyfish sting, but draws the toxins out of your joints).”

Stefani Shamloo: “I tell mine ‘Take some Tylenol’.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Don’t think about it, or start doing something and you won’t think about it.”

Ruben Ruby Chavez: “Sana, sana, colita de rana. Una sovada y ya.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “Yes!!!! Vicks is still my to go.”

Roy Cruz: “All of the above…don’t forget the Chancla

Mark Lambert: “Bring me an egg!”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Vicks and 7Up.”

Lydia Curran: “Right! We didn’t go to the doctor unless we were dying, so we didn’t go. You just get over whatever illness you have unless there’s a broken bone with a bone sticking out of it, or your eyes are bleeding.”

Sally Keen: “Homemade chicken soup and strawberry pop. Oh yeah, and a big glop of Vicks under the nose and all over the chest. Never, ever went to a doctor as a kid. First time I went to a dentist was when I was 19. Thank You Jesus He blessed me with great teeth. I only had one cavity when I went.”

Melissa Garza: “Grandma Sally was all about Vick’s, 7-up and Gatorade. My Grandson was sick all last week and what do you think we did?! Minus the 7-up and add in some Tylenol!”

Kristina Zavala: “My mom would warm up the Vicks on her hands before rubbing it on my chest, with a warm towel over it. It always felt so good. 7 up or Manzanillo tea for upset stomach, and honey and lemon for a sore throat.”

Anita Repya: “My mom’s cure was threefold: homemade chicken soup, strawberry crush, and orange sherbet.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga:
“Manzanilla Tea, chicken soup, and Sal de Uvas. She still uses it for an upset stomach, and dirty underwear for a stiff neck! I can understand why.”

Lilia Prado Rivera: “Yup.. Vicks and cura de huevo.”

Jerry Rowray: “For my Mom, if we had one sniffle, we were submerged in a vat of Vicks then force-fed rose hips. I think it was a Minnesota thing.”

Chris Castillo: “Yep, put Vicks on your chest and your feet and ponte socks. Don’t drink anything cold and no ice.”

Carmen Madariags: “Vicks is still a must have in my home!!”