By Yvette Tello
Recently, I spoke to some- one with the Census 2020. They explained that if we can get true numbers on the west- side of San Antonio, we could get more money for school districts and neighborhoods here. Right after this presentation, I overheard a conversation about Nirenberg and Councilman Roberto Treviño going at it for months over whether the 1.1-mile tract of Broadway extending from Interstate 35 to Houston Street should accommodate cyclists under a $56 million project to reshape traffic patterns on Broadway. (by the way, City transportation officials have shot down the proposal) My thoughts are that their energy would probably be better spent on getting the word out about the Census. What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about it…

Jesus Tello:
“ It’s kind of hard to do the census after everything that came out for the republicants redoing.”

Noel Tello:
“While I’m generally an advocate for limited government, the census makes total sense. Solid and ac- curate numbers will let us know where the focus needs to be.”

Javier Antonio Guzman:
“ Or funding under privi- leged schools with city grants.”

Jennifer Lara:

“ In- stead of bike lanes, what about the potholes all over the Westside of San Antonio that are damaging our vehicles because we live on these streets and constantly have to have the same things replaced or repaired because we have no choice but to drive on these streets.”

Angie Lopez:
“City Council is so dis- connected with the districts they represent in so many ways. Education should be a priority. We have so many schools that could use funding. This should be what they are discussing not bike lanes!”