Victor was born in San Antonio, Texas on December 23. He joined the Boy’s Clubs of America and learned to paint on paper plates and later continued painting at home on any paper he could find. After graduating from Lanier High School in 1964 he went to San Antonio College and studied art under masters Felipe Reyes, Eva Tempolton, and Miguel Cortinas.

His paintings reflect the life of the Mexican folk art of the Mexican American people living on the west side of San Antonio. His paintings are portrayed in quilts since his mother made quilts for her church to sell. His art of quilts is made in her memory. His art has been published in the book, “Triumph of our Community: 4 Decades of Mexican American Art”.

Stitches brings together two incredibly talented artists who have been showing in galleries in San Antonio for over four decades. This unique exhibition showcases the melting pot that has created Chicano Art. The title for the exhibit “Stitches” was chosen in honor Victor’s mother, who began quilting as a young girl, and as an adult donated her quilts to her church to help her community. Vic- tor incorporates his mother’s quilting in his signature style of quilting the Chicano cultura in paintings portraying Chicano life. For Raul, “Stitches” signi- fies the melting pot of cultures here in the United States: ” We Americans stitch music, art, food, drinks, traditions, and cul- tures into one national fabric.”

Cover Art Provided By Centro Cultural Aztlan. Located in the Deco Building at 1800 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 103. M-F, 9am to 5pm.
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