County Judge Nelson Wolff and Mayor Ron Nirenburg are asking for us to all stay safe and continue to practice social distancing. They are asking for us to talk to our friends and family that do not take this seriously and ask them to please take precautions for everyone’s sake. Do you think this will help bring numbers down? Do you think it is time for another shutdown? Let’s talk about it…

Jeff Mahl: “Will we listen? I sure hope so.”

Thomas Mc: “Full shutdown, no. There is no need for that. Shutdown of bars and indoor dining, yes. But in the end, there needs to be more education on health in general. By Dec 7th, we will see a huge spike in cases because everyone will ignore warnings and still have big gatherings for Thanksgiving. Sadly, some family will lose a loved one and have to live with that guilt. Just like many have figured out already.”

Nat Sanchez: “Kids are isolated at school. They can’t socialize: no off campus lunch, masks all day. This is not good for their mental health. I’m sorry for anyone’s loss but are you gonna pay my bills? If not, then it’s necessary to be in public.”

Margie Sadler Benson: “Don’t give up. I know everyone is tired, but we must continue to be vigilant.”

Eric Hillberg: “It’s so sad. Our numbers were below 100 a day and now they are shooting up!”

Katherine Svoi Symthe: “Too many still ignoring the facts.”

Rey Dominguez: “The dumbest thing I heard him recommend was circulate the air in your house! How is that going to stop the spread of Covid if one of your family members is sick? And I guess the Judge is just going to pay for our electric bill too.”

Lacy Buenfil: “I wonder how many of these kids have parents in these bars and take it home to their kids. If this is so serious, you should have never opened bars but would have opened the churches. Why open eight casinos in El Paso and not the churches in El Paso?”

Peter Fithian: “Masks do nothing. By all means, continue to believe the government – that gets virtually nothing right, ever.”

Kim Riojas: “Tell it to the 250,000 people who have died. I don’t always believe the government but I do believe in science and facts.”

Joseph Ortiz: “Put your mask on!”