Provided by AnArte Gallery

Artist Statement:

My current pieces isolate movements of nature, time and our own vulnerabilities. I intentionally try not to reference a recognizable form, but more the concept, to allow for interpretation from many. By applying the abstraction to the subject, I am able to create an intense personal moment, luring the viewer into personal interpretations of my work. These moments are visualized through deconstruction and abstraction, forged into new imagery where interpretation becomes multifaceted for the viewer. In doing so, the viewer is able to submerge themselves into a new relationship between color, light, nature and emotion.

“As pandemic restrictions became more and more severe, I realized travel would not be an option in the coming summer and fall months. I wondered, what would I miss most? The answer most certainly has always remained the same. That place on the map that offers rest, reflection, and peace. The place where idyllic days transform into magical nights, where truths unfold, and where mysteries are solved. A place of both remembrance and love. A place where the inner child lives. A place where the future becomes clearer against the backdrop of endless blue skies and the constant murmur of waves meeting sand.”

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” –

Jacques Costeau

Isabelle Lopez-Kotara is Represented By: AnArte Gallery 7959 Broadway #202 San Antonio Texas, 78209 210.826.5674