Latinos less likely to attend top-ranked colleges

Why are academically gifted students from Latino families less likely to attend topranked colleges and universities than equally smart kids from Black, White, or Asian families? Friends and family I have spoken to have told me they couldn’t afford it. Nearly half Latinos who go to college attend a community college near their home. It is usually what their parents did if they attended college at all. Among college-goers, 30% of whites, 32% of Asians and 36% of blacks go to a community college. What many of us don’t know is that many of the top schools have need-blind admissions and offer financial assistance that would cover nearly all the costs for the neediest students. Unless you come from a college educated family, it is not always clear how college admissions work. Colleges should do a better job of giving access to the tools we Let’s talk about it… By Yvette Tello need to be informed college consumers. The availability of need-based financial aid for all families including middle and even upper middle class families, should be better publicized. Families should be taught to assess a college’s affordability based on the price paid after financial aid. Did you ever consider attending a top-ranked college or consider it for your child? What kept you from doing it? Let’s talk about it…


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