The cover art for this issue portrays only part of a larger mural titled “You Are Not Forgotten,” This mural, painted in 2006 by Michael Jerry Roman, is a tribute to the men and women who served in the U.S. Military. Michael’s dad, Tony Roman, a Vietnam veteran, served as an inspiration for the mural.
Michael Jerry Roman was born during the last year of the Vietnam War. As a teen, Roman loved to
paint as well as work on classic cars. He began his art career at age 18 when he landed an artist apprenticeship with Andy Benavides, a well-known Southtown gallery owner and muralist. Benavides served as Roman’s first mentor and made an effort to introduce him to many other San Antonio artists.
In 1996 Roman interviewed and won a position with famed artist Jesse Trevino. Trevino was about to start his nine story ceramic mural, “The Spirit of Healing” on the south wall of Christus Santa Rosa
Hospital. Roman was one of several assistants who help Trevino cut and glue the thousands of small mosaic tiles that were needed for the mural.
Following his mural work with Jesse Trevino, Roman met artist Cruz Ortiz of the San Anto Cultural Arts. Ortiz assigned Roman a large wall at the art center for the mural “Salvacion,” a depiction of Christ.
When the San Anto Cultural Arts team heard about a proposed mural for the corner of Commerce and
Colorado streets, they contacted Roman. The theme concerned military service.
Growing up Roman had met many veterans of military conflict through his dad, Tony Roman. His dad and many Vietnam veterans went through difficult times in the years after serving in the military. Tony Roman served honorably in that war earning two Purple Heart medals.
Roman credits the San Anto Cultural Center for providing him with an opportuni0ty to express his creativity and to provide recognition to those who served their country in the military. In painting this mural he met many veterans, including Alex Macias, who owned the building on Commerce Street and Patti Raddle, who served on Advisory Board for the San Anto CC. It has been more than ten years since Roman finished this military tribute, but on a frequent basis he receives thanks and congratulations for the excellent work and inspiring message.