“Latino voters should never, ever, vote against a Latino politician simply because he is Latino. They will do for their people. We need to build our people up!” This was said to me in a conversation today. I was surprised because I really didn’t believe this way of thinking existed anymore. Clearly, I am wrong. What do you think? Let’s talk about it….

Ernest Paz: Let’s vote for Pedro
Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead :It doesn’t matter what race. Latinos aren’t always for Latinos once they’re in power… Vote for the man/ woman who has good credentials. Learn about them as an individual. Get involved. Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t do their homework.
Blue Rose Alvarez : By the same token, Latino voters should never, ever, vote for a Latino politician simply because he is Latino. Totally agree with Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead. Vote for the one with the right policies and you know will do what is best for the district, state, country, etc.
Noel Tello: I thinks it’s cultural. There’s a cultural belief that you owe something to someone just because they’re Latino. But it’s not just in our culture. The black / African American culture is the same way.
I was a quality assurance supervisor at a plant here in Mississippi several years ago. There was a guy whom I had gotten to know and respected his work ethic and attitude. So when a position opened up in our department, I immediately had him interview and brought him in as an inspector. From then on I kept hearing how nice I was for putting a black man in a good position. They were usually taken back when I would explain that I wanted the man hired because of his qualifications and strengths, not the color of his skin or culture.